Who am I?

“My life is shaped by the urgent need to wander and observe, and my camera is my passport.” – Steve McCurry.

This is how I feel. I call it - explore, observe, immerse.

Hi there and welcome to my new website! This is me doing what I love.

early morning, bird photography, sitting down (so the birds dont notice me, that's my excuse)

This occasion it is bird photography. Since living here in the Kimberley in Western Australia, I have become very interested in the birds. They are so colourful and so varied... and so many! Compared to my Melbourne suburban life, where the only birds I would see would be magpies, ravens, indian myners, blackbirds and sparrows. Check out my Bird and Wildlife tab here on the website.

My favourite type of photography is landscape. Why? Well I love exploring and 4wding and I love sharing what I see. Being in a place where there is no one else within miles and miles, no buildings and no sign of humans, other than the track I came in on and my 4wd Lizzie and my partner, who sits and reads, while I take it in and just be!

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Would love to know what you are interested in me talking about here?

See ya soon!

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